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To Ranjish hi Sahi, I wished to add one or two verses of mine, but ended up adding five.

Inviting Trouble or a perverse form of “No pain No gain”:

Ranjish hi Sahi is one of those  ghazals that tell story of a person  searching satisfaction  in his/her sufferings.  S/he invites troubles. What are the  kind of troubles one can invite? Let’s find out.

Ranjish hi Sahi [The opening from  Ahmed Fazaz’s lyric]

Ranjish hee sahee dil hee dukhaane ke liye aa
aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke liye aa
Ranjish hi sahi…………

[The anguish is acceptable if that is all you have for me. Come still if only to give me sorrows and leave me in torment.]

Ratnendra’s verses below:

Ruswa teri mehfil se hum laute hain  kai baar.
ek baar phir be-abroo karne ke liye aa.

Ranjish hi sahi…………

[I have returned disappointed from your party on numerous occasions before. Come still if only to humiliate me one more time.]

Kahtein hain mere dard mein hai toon nahin shaamil,
in jakhmon pe phir namak lagaane ke liye aa.
Ranjish hi sahi…………

[The story has that my sufferings are not your given. Come still if only to rub the wounds with salt.]

Humko khabar nahin hai mera kya  hai tera kya.
jo bhi hai mera  woh  toon le jane ke liye aa.
Ranjish hi sahi…………

[ I cannot tell apart what is yours and what is mine. Come still if only to take with you whatever is mine.]

wo aankhen jo karti thi   kabhi  meraa  intezaar.
unki  nazar mein mujhko  giraane ke liye aa.

Ranjish hi sahi…………

[Come still if only to make me fall from the grace of the eyes that used to wait for me.]

mujh pe uthi hain  sare jamane ki ungaliyaan.
ilzaam toon bhi mujh pe lagaane ke liye aa.
Ranjish hi sahi…………

[I have been pointed fingers at by so many people. Come still if only to put on me a blame of yours as well.]

The  film rendering of this ghazais available at this link:


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