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Folks, this is my first gazal style composition therefore it is very special to me. I have written many isolated sher style couplets that generally start with an opening line leading to the key idea in the second.  Here we have something complete that can be rendered into a song.

Jaane Yeh Kaisi Uljhan Hai

jane yeh kasi uljhan hai,

jo woh kahne se darte hain.

jane kya baat hai man mein,

jo who kahne se darte  hain.

[I wonder what the predicament that s/he is afraid to tell is. I wonder what is in his/her mind that she is afraid to tell. ]

jab khud ko khojte chale unki gali se ham.

dekha ki woh bhi meraa  intezaar karte hain.

jane yeh kasi uljhan hai….

[When I went by his/her street searching myself, I noticed s/he still awaits me. (Alternatively said, I am not alone in searching myself.)]

daava tha unka   ki woh humko bhool jayenege

fir bhi mujhe woh aajtak kyon yaad rakhte hain?

jane yeh kasi uljhan hai….

[S/he claimed s/he will forget me. Yet, she has s/he kept my memories alive.]

rutba hai  unke paas aur daulat jamaane  ki,

meri kami ki phir bhi woh fariyaad karte hain.

jane yeh  kasi uljhan hai….

[S/he has all the status and wealth possible in this world. Yet, s/he resents my absence from his/her life.]

deewane unke naam ke hai saikron lekin,

fir bhi mujhe hi  apna talabdar ginte hain.

jane  yeh kasi uljhan hai….

[S/he has hundreds of people in this town crazy about her. Yet, s/he counts only me of his/her sympathizers. ]


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