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Unable to escape the memories of the past, my thoughts, in a pensive evening, weaved some words together; and all that I got out of it was this Ghazal that I am sharing with you.


By Ratnendra Pandey

1 phir yaad unki aaee, unka paigam aayaa.

Beetie hue dinon ka,

koi salaam aayaa.

[His/her memories again returned to my mind. They brought a message and a greeting from the days long gone.]

2 In rahon me chal chal kar, ab thak se gaye hain hum.

Tab kyon nahin phir ab tak apna mukaam aaya?

phir yaad unki aaee…

[Why have I not reached my destination even after exhausting   myself travelling on this path?]


Jinko bhulane ke liye,

khud ko bhula diyaa.

Kyon aaj phir othon per unka hi naam aaya?

phir yaad unki aaee…

[Why did on my lips come the name of person to forget whom I erased my identity?]


khud ko bachaa ke rakhaa,

duniyan ki nigaahon se,

Phir kya khata hui joo     ki ye inaam aaya?

phir yaad unki aaee…

[What did I do wrong to be rewarded like this even though I had kept myself safe from the predatory eyes of people (around me)?]


Bachte rahe thei hum,

ki bhatak jayein na kahin.

Phir bekhudi** ka hum pe kaisaa ilzaam ayaa?

phir yaad unki aaee…

[Why was I accused of being unself** even though I had taken measures to keep myself from drifting aside?

*Unself= This word does not exist in standard English lexicon. Used as placeholder for Bekhud. **Bekhudi= This word comes so often in Hindi Film songs/dialogues. Probably indicates disorientation of mind caused by intense emotional stress making a it  difficult for a person to manage himself/herself.
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